From London to Glasgow and all the places in between, the UK boasts a vibrant and richly diverse music scene that music lovers would love to explore. Whether you are looking for live music venues or something unique like a football opera, you will find plenty of great places to go for a music-themed experience. The country is also home to world’s best-known music landmarks and here are just some of them.

Abbey Road and the Abbey Road Studios (London, England)
Why go: The iconic zebra crossing in Abbey Road in London catapulted into worldwide fame after it was featured on the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. The world-famous British rock band recorded their final album in the recording studio located in the area. Today, the Abbey Road and the Abbey Road Studios are among the top music attractions in the city and a must-see sight for The Beatles fans.

The Beatles Story (Liverpool, England)
Why go: The Beatles Story is a permanent exhibition devoted to all things related to the legendary rock band. It features items and memorabilia that provide a glimpse into their beginnings in the city and their rise and success at the world stage. Some of the exhibition’s attractions include the George Harrison’s guitar (his first one) and John Lennon’s glasses among others.

British Music Experience (Liverpool, England)
Why go: The British Music Experience (BME) was an exhibition at the London’s 02 showcasing the country’s music industry. It is a journey into the British music scene with an extensive collection of memorabilia and hard-to-find items. Those who want to explore the wide array of costumes, instruments and other memorabilia used by British music artists can instead head out to the BME in Liverpool.