Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Music lover or not, watching these captivating TED Talks will change the way you view and listen to music.

Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music
Conductor and musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Benjamin Zander has a deep-seated passion for classical music. He shares fascinating insights into life-changing powers of classical music and how embracing it can lead to a whole lot of experiences and possibilities.

Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors
In this engaging talk, Itay Talgam shares leadership lessons everyone can learn from orchestra conductors. He takes a look into the different styles of some of the greatest 20th-century conductors and how they deal with the challenge of working with a group of musicians to create the best harmony.

Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine
Doctor and violinist Robert Gupta shares an inspiring and heartwarming insight on how music and health are deeply intertwined. In this TED Talk, he cites examples of the therapeutic benefits of music and its impact on people suffering from mental illnesses.

Ryan Holladay: To hear this music you have to be there. Literally
Musician Ryan Holladay talks about “location-aware music”, an experiment he and his brother has been working on. He shares how integrating GPS with music allows users to listen to music that only plays when they are physically nearby. The concept brings a whole new meaning to being present in relation to music.

Sting: How I started writing songs again
English musician and songwriter Sting talks about his personal experiences dealing with writer’s block that went on for years. He shares how the stories of the shipyard people he knew in the past gave him the inspirations and materials for writing songs again.