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  • Why Ed Sheeran Is Today’s Definition Of Legendary


    Let’s face it. Music has now become everyone’s Philosopher’s Stone. And by this, it means that music brings people together and to life no matter who they are and no matter what they’ve gone through. And let’s also face it. Music has now become everyone’s Holy Grail. And by this, it means that music brings people together and to unite no matter where they are and no matter what they’re going through.

    But you see, that’s why Ed Sheeran is today’s definition of legendary…

    Just like the legendary and rejuvenating powers of the Philosopher’s Stone, Ed Sheeran’s songs – like Give Me Love from his 2011 album, + – just makes anyone, even those who have the coldest of hearts, warm up and bring themselves back to life as they listen to songs that do not only speak through one’s heart. It also speaks through other people’s hearts, as well as one’s soul in probably the most natural way possible – thanks to every one of his songs that he composed on his own.

    And you see, that’s also why Ed Sheeran is today’s definition of legendary…

    Just like the legendary and relaxing powers of the Holy Grail, Ed Sheeran’s songs – like Photograph from his 2014 album, x – just makes anyone, especially those who have the hardest of minds, soften up and bring themselves back to unite as they listen to songs that do not only speak through one’s mind. It also speaks through other people’s minds, as well as one’s spirit in probably the most natural way possible – thanks to every one of his rhythms that he played on his own.

    Indeed, Ed Sheeran is today’s definition of legendary – a sweet taste of success, even.

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  • 3 of the Best Music Attractions to Visit in the UK

    From London to Glasgow and all the places in between, the UK boasts a vibrant and richly diverse music scene that music lovers would love to explore. Whether you are looking for live music venues or something unique like a football opera, you will find plenty of great places to go for a music-themed experience. The country is also home to world’s best-known music landmarks and here are just some of them.

    Abbey Road and the Abbey Road Studios (London, England)
    Why go: The iconic zebra crossing in Abbey Road in London catapulted into worldwide fame after it was featured on the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. The world-famous British rock band recorded their final album in the recording studio located in the area. Today, the Abbey Road and the Abbey Road Studios are among the top music attractions in the city and a must-see sight for The Beatles fans.

    The Beatles Story (Liverpool, England)
    Why go: The Beatles Story is a permanent exhibition devoted to all things related to the legendary rock band. It features items and memorabilia that provide a glimpse into their beginnings in the city and their rise and success at the world stage. Some of the exhibition’s attractions include the George Harrison’s guitar (his first one) and John Lennon’s glasses among others.

    British Music Experience (Liverpool, England)
    Why go: The British Music Experience (BME) was an exhibition at the London’s 02 showcasing the country’s music industry. It is a journey into the British music scene with an extensive collection of memorabilia and hard-to-find items. Those who want to explore the wide array of costumes, instruments and other memorabilia used by British music artists can instead head out to the BME in Liverpool.

  • 4 of the Best Cities in Britain for Music Lovers

    Liverpool City Centre and Docks

    England has a vibrant music scene with many places to explore and enjoy a wide array of fascinating attractions. From the birthplace of the world’s most iconic English rock band The Beatles to the place where another famous band, Oasis, was formed, here are the best cities in the country every music lover should explore.

    A place known for its rock and heavy metal, Birmingham has produced many famous musicians like the Black Sabbath and Judas Priest among many others. Some of the members of the famous English rock band Led Zeppelin also came from this city. Known as one of England’s creative cities, Birmingham’s music scene reflects its many traditions including a penchant for experimentation. The city is boasts of a wide range of live music venues and bars where you can enjoy a night out filled with music.

    Like other music cities across England, Leeds has produced its share of artists the most notable of which is the English indie rock band alt-J. Music lovers will have no trouble finding a spot for some live music performances and events. It also hosts many music festivals including the renowned Leeds Festival.

    Liverpool City Centre and Docks
    Liverpool is a UNESCO City of Music and was declared a City of Pop in the 2001 Guinness Book of Records. It is also best known as the home of The Beatles widely considered as one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. With its deep-seated music tradition, the city offers a wealth of attractions for music lovers. Some of its most notable music-themed spots and sights include The Beatles Story, Cavern Club, Echo Arena Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall, and Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road (Beatles childhood homes). Not to mention events like the Liverpool International Music Festival and International Beatleweek.

    From classical to pop music and a tradition of brass band music, Manchester has made its mark as one of England’s music cities worth exploring. For decades, the city has produced many artists and works firmly establishing itself as an important musical hub in the country. Its Manchester Music Tours are a great way to retrace and follow the footsteps of iconic British Bands like The Smiths, Oasis, and The Stone Roses among others.

  • 5 TED Talks That Will Change the Way You View Music

    Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

    Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

    Music lover or not, watching these captivating TED Talks will change the way you view and listen to music.

    Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music
    Conductor and musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Benjamin Zander has a deep-seated passion for classical music. He shares fascinating insights into life-changing powers of classical music and how embracing it can lead to a whole lot of experiences and possibilities.

    Itay Talgam: Lead like the great conductors
    In this engaging talk, Itay Talgam shares leadership lessons everyone can learn from orchestra conductors. He takes a look into the different styles of some of the greatest 20th-century conductors and how they deal with the challenge of working with a group of musicians to create the best harmony.

    Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine
    Doctor and violinist Robert Gupta shares an inspiring and heartwarming insight on how music and health are deeply intertwined. In this TED Talk, he cites examples of the therapeutic benefits of music and its impact on people suffering from mental illnesses.

    Ryan Holladay: To hear this music you have to be there. Literally
    Musician Ryan Holladay talks about “location-aware music”, an experiment he and his brother has been working on. He shares how integrating GPS with music allows users to listen to music that only plays when they are physically nearby. The concept brings a whole new meaning to being present in relation to music.

    Sting: How I started writing songs again
    English musician and songwriter Sting talks about his personal experiences dealing with writer’s block that went on for years. He shares how the stories of the shipyard people he knew in the past gave him the inspirations and materials for writing songs again.